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We will provide you with a high quality, value for money service with no hidden charges. We will discuss the costs relating to your case at our first meeting to ensure that you always know what is required of you and what to expect from us.

Fee paying arrangements
Not every area of law can be funded by legal aid.  For those clients we offer a variety of fee paying structures and will be transparent about our fees from the outset. We will ask for a payment on account in the first instance and give you an estimate of what we would expect the case to cost overall. We will provide running totals at 6 monthly intervals so that there are no nasty surprises at any stage.  

We are happy to be flexible about payment methods and can offer a direct debit system so that you pay as you go and can accept credit or debit card payments if that is convenient for you.  

Conditional Fee Agreements
In certain cases it will be appropriate to offer a Conditional Fee Agreement, which is commonly known as a “No win – no fee” agreement.  These are primarily offered within personal injury claims, but with the gradual reduction in legally aided cases it is possible that these agreements will become more common.  

Fixed fee
Traditionally solicitors charge for their work on an hourly basis with rates set by the Law Society. We recognise that you need more certainty when you are deciding to instruct a solicitor. We have therefore introduced a number of fixed fees which are set depending upon the type and complexity of your case. This is something the person handling your case will discuss with you.  

Legal Aid
At Henry Hyams we are proud of our long standing provision of publicly funded legal advice. We believe that everyone is entitled to the best legal representation available. We remain committed to providing advice funded by legal aid despite the restrictions imposed by the Government in recent years and those that are to come.  

Legal aid is available in many areas of law and is generally based upon your financial eligibility. At our first meeting with you we will consider whether your particular case can be funded by legal aid and if it can we will undertake the financial assessment to see if you are eligible.

We have provided further details of our pricing below for some of our services:

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Meet the Team

We want you to feel confident in the legal advisor that deals with your case.

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