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Domestic Violence Solicitors

Domestic violence is not simply physical assault. It is a term that covers many different types of behaviour including physical, psychological, sexual and financial abuse. You may be suffering from domestic abuse and experience harassment, threats, pestering, intimidation, manipulation, cyberbullying, verbal criticism or sexual violence.

At Henry Hyams, we take pride in being able to provide prompt legal advice tailored to your individual needs. We At Henry Hyams, we take pride in being able to provide prompt legal advice tailored to your individual needs. Our solicitors for domestic violence understand that when someone experiencing domestic violence decides to change their situation they require advice quickly and clearly.

Whenever possible our domestic abuse solicitors Leeds team will speak to or meet with you on the day that you contact us. If required our domestic violence solicitors will ensure that the appropriate court action is taken on the same or next working day.

Considering the options

Our Leeds domestic abuse solicitors will listen to you to ensure that the advice we give and the action we take is what you want and meets your needs at that time. We appreciate that sometimes people do not want to take any action at the time when they first meet with us. In those situations, we hope that the advice that our domestic abuse solicitors give provides reassurance about the options available should they be required in the future.

Calling the Police

If we are concerned that you have been the victim of a crime or that your immediate safety is at risk then we will If our team of domestic abuse solicitors are concerned that you have been the victim of a crime or that your immediate safety is at risk then we will discuss with you whether a report should be made to the police. Often the work that our solicitors for domestic violence do is in accordance with police advice or compliments the action that is being taken by them.

Warning Letters

A warning letter can be an effective way of letting someone know that their ongoing behaviour is not acceptable and that if it continues then consideration will be given to contacting the police or starting court proceedings.


The official name for an injunction in family law is a Non-Molestation Order. It is a Court Order aimed at preventing a partner, ex-partner or family member from using or threatening violence or intimidating, pestering or harassing you. Our domestic violence solicitors team can make an emergency application for an Injunction on your behalf.

A final order can be for a period of 3 to 12 months. Breaching an order is a criminal offence and the punishment includes fines, probation orders and up to 2 years of imprisonment.

Occupation Orders

An Occupation Order is a court order that states who can live in a family home or go within its surrounding area. These orders are often made alongside a Non-Molestation Order.

Considering the impact upon Children

We know that the courts are always concerned about the impact of domestic violence upon the children of the family, even if they do not see or hear it. Our domestic abuse solicitors will advise you upon whether you should consider taking additional action in relation to the children of the family including incorporating them into an Order or making additional applications under the Children Act such as an application for a Residence or Prohibited Steps Order.

Additional Support

We are confident in our ability to give good legal advice, but we understand that sometimes it is helpful to seek support from other organisations. Our solicitors for domestic violence will assist you in making that initial contact whether it is with your local police Domestic Violence Support Unit who can often provide practical support or support groups who can assist you to come to terms with what you have experienced such as Women’s Aid.

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