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Children Disputes

The breakdown of a relationship is extremely difficult to deal with and when there are children involved there are a number of factors to consider. It is in the best interests of your child if you can agree on arrangements for them. It is important that you try and achieve this without solicitors, but you could use the services of a trained mediator. In most circumstances the court will require you to try and reach an amicable solution before proceedings are commenced.

If no agreement can be reached then the court can reach a decision as to who the children should live with and how much contact they should have with the parent they don’t live with. The court can also make orders in relation to other aspects of the lives of the children such as religion; education; overseas trips or even their name.

The main consideration of the court at all times is that the interests of the children are paramount. The parents do not have rights, but responsibilities. Our family law team adopts a practical approach to all matters pertaining to children and will offer you and your family the best guidance available.


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